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Programmer, a systems engineer, a consultant, and others.

Activity form Individual business proprietor. Individual Computer software developler.
Activity base Base : Ako-shi, Hyogo, Japan
Strong Area
A proposal, a design, and development of various systems which used the Moving picture, such as MPEG
Use of hardware decoders, such as use of DirectShow, WindowsMediaPlayer, etc., Optibase, SigmaDisigns, and Canopus, a hardware encoder, and other software decoders. MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4.
DRM system use of Windows Media DRM, PlayReady.
Moreover, the distribution solution using each other WindowsMediaService and company server etc. and its development.
  • DRM Server system
  • Network video transmission
  • DirectShow filter/ DirectShow player application
  • Automatic encoding / decoding by the schedule
  • etc..
cover the whole field of Application software, Various utilities
Platform Mainly a Windows system platform .
Otherwise, WindowsCE system, and UNIX platforms (LINUX, FreeBSD, etc.).
Development language,etc.. C++ (Microsoft Visual C++, and Others), C#(.NET Framework), Microsoft Visual Basic, Perl
JavaScript, MPEG-4 BIFS Text
study Tips, a programming technique, etc.
Now, there are the following.
Programming Tips
MPEG Infomations
Links It is the link of an acquaintance etc.

The company name and product names which are indicated, such as Optibase, SigmaDisign, and Microsoft, are the trademarks and registered trademarks of each company.

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